Photo taken by Kevan Gale


Sammie’s background in functional training and movement patterns and her continued curiosities, discoveries and education in fascia and how we move continue to evolve and influence the structures and flows of her classes. 

Sammie’s classes focus on dynamic and strength based cueing and blend traditional yoga postures with dynamic movement to light up new movement patterns, open the fascial lines of the body, and draw in more muscle recruitment to your practice ! This approach will help you build more strength in your poses that will also translate into ALL of your movements you do OFF your mat.

Classes are open minded, playful and sweaty! All flows are taught with a variety of music (we jam) and call for total mental engagement of your mind and body. We begin with breath work to clear and open the mind, and finish with a contemplative svasana. Sammie hopes you step off your mat feeling strong and mentally and physically lighter, with open with a smile on your face and in your heart. :)

Sammie Rose

200hr RYT Fluid Yoga School

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

Liscenced Broga Yoga Instructor

Spa Yoga teacher 

CPR Certified